Professional Work

Here i will post sketches, pictures, videos, on past projects with the agreement of the clients and copyright.


Booth stand Design Client.

Stand design

Stand design


American client

American client

German client

German client

Home renovation,

Quick photoshop to design next balcony

Quick photoshop to design next balcony.

Quick photoshop to design next balcony.


Logo and Web background image, mostly done in solidwork and rendered in 3ds max and vray.

Render 3ds max vray model solidwork

Render 3ds max vray model solidwork


New line comming this summer: World of Warcraft from Megabloks

Was part of the Advance design team to pitch the concept to Blizzard Entertainment.

Will post early sculpt and design as soon as i get te permission to.

Dragon Universe:

A refresh of a successful brand, in a futuristic context.

And another from a foreign country…

Halo Metalons:

The challenge here was to fit a licensed armor over an existing skeleton (Metalons)

A lot of sketchs to keep the essence of a HaloWars Spartan and fit into proportions.

halo box

halo FIG


My participation to this toy was to provide art direction on Cars and Buildings.

I have used 3D mapping on existing car sculpture to get clean renders of our graphics.

poster 2



Battle strikers:

This project was quite a good adventure, from scratch, only two designers (3 after a while) and a thight schedule. Lot of fun!

bs concept sketches002 low


BeautyGroup Strikers-054 low

Spheron from Magnext:


Then i show you some 3D renderings of one model.

In this part i’ll show the 3 Stages of an actual model. (Design sketch, Prototype, 3D renderings for shows.)

Also for this project i have done many concept cars side views for my superiors to choose a theme for new lines. Here some of them.


Your comments are welcome!


One response

15 06 2010
Roni agung

beautiful…car…..very…very…good idea and inspiration full

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